Aaron Draplin.

If you don’t know about this kickass all-American rad dude from Portland, check out his interview on the Great Discontent.

If you can’t be bothered to read all that (it’s pretty frikin’ long), in a nutshell: he’s that guy behind field notes, makes KILLER logos and generally does awesome stuff.

I re-watched his creative mornings talk this morning.

Check it.

Never ceases to make me smile.

Plus, it’s a good one to whistle to while you work.

Ten things this guy has taught me:

No.1 Go out and find great stuff

No.2 Move somewhere WILD

No.3 Work with your pals

No.4 Purple is always bad

No.5 Sign makers have the power

No.6 Know what you love

No.7 Know what you hate

No.8 Get your hands dirty

No.9 Think about stuff more

No.10 Collect cool shit